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One process, multiple financing sources.

Delight your customers with instant approvals and easy to understand financing


Unbeatable Pricing

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Amazingly Easy

Submit a financing application from anywhere and have full visibility into the process

Finance all of your customers, not just the ones with good credit.

Wide Credit Windows

Onsite with a customer, from you sales floor, at a trade show - Start the financing process from anywhere.

Financing Anytime, Anywhere

Using DCR can open new revenue streams for your business with our captive profit sharing programs.

Profit Sharing

Spend more time selling product and less time looking for financing. We work with all kinds of lenders to get your customers the best rates.

Less Work, More Sales

Track Financing

Delight Customers

Close More Deals

Increase Revenue

DCR is built to grow your revenue by shortening the sales cycle and increasing your sales conversion rate. By offering customers an easy way to get financing and sign docs, your sales process becomes a delight instead of a drag.

Instant and Paperless

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