Digitize and streamline your credit processes to close sales faster with more margin and less hassle.

Streamline communication and eliminate confusion with buyers and lenders

Remove sales obstacles by making the credit process more efficient

Decrease legal risks with turnkey security and privacy

How complex is your credit process, and how much is it costing you?

A dealer’s traditional equipment credit processes is broken because it:

Wastes time and is full of hassles

Back and forth emails and phone calls with lenders and declines due to poor credit means your sales cycle drags out and you’re babysitting financing rather than closing sales.

Jeopardizes control of the sale

When you hand your customer off to a third party for financing, you effectively let them “leave the lot” and lose some control of the sale, subjecting them to outside influences and other agendas.

Leaves money on the table

Your lenders are incentivized to mark up the purchase price with financing which could mean the lender sales person is making more than your company. Not cool.

Creates unnecessary risks

State and federal privacy requirements are getting more and more stringent. Credit applications that are not private, secure, auditable, and compliant can create alarming legal and financial exposure.

What shape is your credit program in?

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This is Credit Desk Pro

Streamline credit processes and bridge communication gaps with manufacturers, lenders, and buyers.

Embeded point-of-sale financing

Increase gross margin per sale

Solve security & compliance

Enable Digital Retailing

Cut admin burden in half (or more)

Reduce sales cycle and increase sales velocity

Free up sales personnel time

Access more lenders

Digital Credit Application

Paper and PDF applications are slow, clunky, and expose your company to data breach and legal risks.

Dealers who work with DCR get a branded credit application embedded on their website.

Buyers submit the online credit application anytime, anywhere.

Salespeople receive instant notifications upon receipt.


Instant Credit Decisioning

When the credit app is submitted, DCR serves up an Instant Credit Decision taking the guesswork out of qualifying customers.

Using our Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), dealers can build a custom credit scorecard powered by integrations with the major credit bureaus.


Dealer A/R and Credit Risk Management

DCR helps dealers who extend NetX invoice terms to their customers to:

– Understand risk to receivables
– Improve cash flow forecasting
– Predict bad debt
– Set informed credit limits based on facts


Intelligent Rule-Based App Routing

The moment a customer submits an online credit application directly to a lender, it’s out of a dealers hands and they lose control of the sale, and deal probability drops.
Dealer Credit Resources puts the dealer back in control of their deals by providing a single, secure, digital credit app the dealers owns.
Based on predefined rules set by dealers, DCR automatically qualifies and routes credit apps to manufacturer-subsidized lenders, preferred lenders, or the DCR Lender Marketplace for a second look.


Lender Matching Engine
Proprietary Lender Matching Engine (LME)

Instead of going from lender to lender, our proprietary Lender Matching Engine (LME) selects the best offers and presents them to the buyer from among the nation’s best lenders, regardless of their credit score.


24/7 Opportunity Tracking

Dealers track deals as they come in and move through each stage of the journey.
No more guessing or chasing down other stakeholders for status updates.


Document Vault

Loan docs are secured in an encrypted vault that uses bank-level security and encryption making it compliant with federal, state, and local requirements.


eDocs & eSignature

With eDocs and eSignatures there’s no more printing, signing, and faxing paper documents.

Instead, parties can view and sign documents from any device, anytime, anywhere.


Intelligent Notifications
Intelligent Notifications & Workflow

Configure instant notifications via Email and SMS to your team and customers.

All stakeholders get proactively notified anytime there is a change of status or intervention needed with the loan process.


With Data Management, Security and Compliance Built-in

We secure your data with the best methods available. DCR portals are designed with multiple layers of protection across distributed, reliable infrastructure.

Protected by bank-grade Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology

Hosted at SOC 2 Type II certified data centers

AWS’s Cloud Platform for further data security

Data at rest is encrypted and backed up regularly

Integrate Credit Offers Throughout The Sales Process

eCommerce Widgets

Advertise financing and dynamically calculate payments based on the product, price and interest rate.

Website Credit App

Embed a secure credit application on your website with your branding.

Sales Quotes & Email

Let prospects and customers know that financing is available on your sales quotations and every email you send.

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Professional Services

Is your credit department short-handed?

Inquire about outsourcing your transaction process, lender management, or entire credit department to Dealer Credit Resources.

Next Steps

Don’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Engage our team of credit experts so you can streamline your credit process, improve communication and sell more equipment.

About Dealer Credit Resources

“We no longer have to spend our time and effort managing the customer finance process; DCR Credit Desk Pro does all of the work for us and keeps us updated every step of the way.”

testimonial two

Justin Marshall, President at Trak Traders, Inc.

“It sometimes took days to get customers financing. Because of DCR, we have a 24/7 digital credit department and we now complete the entire financing process in minutes, with no back and forth between the customer and bank. We’re closing more deals in less time.”

Testimonial one

Doug Eaton, COO
The old way of offering equipment financing is slow and outdated. At Dealer Credit Resources, we are dedicated to creating tools that streamline communication and bridge the gap between dealers, manufacturers, lenders, and buyers so dealers can close more sales in less time.

The DCR team includes experts in credit and finance, marketplace solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence.