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Dealer Credit Resources exists to make your life as an equipment vendor easier. Selling equipment is hard enough and we believe that getting your customer financed quickly, no matter what their credit profile is, should be the least of your worries. So with our blood, sweat and tears, we've built easy-to-use technology that allows you to generate more revenue for your business while doing less work. All while providing your customers a professional and delightful financing experience. 

How it works

Send a DCR link to your customer or submit an application and get email notifications as the deal progresses

Your customer gets a financing offer in a matter of minutes, selects terms and signs eDocs

You get paid for the equipment you sold, high five yourself at your desk, and do it all over again

How is this possible you say?

We have awesome technology and flexible financing partners that facilitate financing for every type of customer, but we're not a broker - DCR funds your customers in real-time so you can close deals immediately

Do you really like the lender or bank you're currently using? We can add them to DCR for you.

DCR is built to grow your revenue by shortening the sales cycle and increasing your sales conversion rate. By offering customers an easy way to get financing and sign docs, your sales process becomes a delight instead of a drag.

Instant and Paperless

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